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Nourish yourself and raise thriving, resilient children!


Nourish yourself and raise thriving, resilient children!


Welcome to gloWithin! When I was a young girl I realized my purpose was to inspire others to live lives of greater peace, love, and joy… and that’s exactly what I am still doing! For as long as I can recall, I have worked with children in some capacity and knew being a mom was a part of my identity – my siblings I’m sure can share more on this haha! Growing up we faced our challenges, but we were also given the gift of breathwork and meditation… and this as you can see, has deeply impacted and inspired my life and mission. 

My mission is to empower those who support the world of the child, to create healthy new patterns so we can raise happy, resilient children!

Having these tools to be present has enabled me to work through experiences (or trauma) as they came, so as to not store them in my body. As a result, I am able to bounce-back or be resilient and not store ‘issues in my tissues’. To gloWithin we must go within. In doing so we align with our intuition and purest form of self to experience greater flow, peace, love and joy! 

Children embody this spark naturally, and as conscious parents we strive to honour this as we guide them on their journey… but are we honouring this in ourselves? 

founder of gloWithin, Katie and her daughter, Sophia

Raising Resilient Children

As a mom to two little angels, I understand the challenges and how we can often put our selfcare last. When we put our selfcare first, we can be present for those we love and lead our children by example to become healthy, happy, resilient children and adults! 

Moms in particular play a key role in influencing our children’s nervous system in utero and the first 7 years. As our children co-regulate with us, these formative years help shape our children’s health, resilience, and how they will perceive and interact with the world around them… for life! During this time as they move from a Theta state (highly influential) to Alpha (calm activity), everything a child learns creates new neural pathway that becomes their truth. 

 “The way we speak to a child becomes their inner-voice” 

~ Peggy O’Mara

The irony is that these are also often the most challenging years as a parent. It’s important to remember being a conscious parent is not synonymous with being ‘perfect.’ Our purpose is to grow symbiotically in our relationships – with our children and partners being some of our most important teachers. We will make mistakes, but what our children remember is how we handle them and make them feel. So give yourself a hug, and know that we are here to offer you simple, powerful tools to support you and your little ones on your journey!

The powerful transformation of motherhood requires us to prioritize our self-care, in order to be our best self and to empower thriving, resilient children! 

HSP and Resilient Children

With 1 in 11 youth being prescribed anxiety medication (2019, Child + Youth Mental Health Canada) and 41.5% of adults diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (2021, CDC), we can see how important it is for us to prioritize our self-care and lead our children by example. There also seems to be an increasing number of highly sensitive children (and adults) – most of whom experience high levels of anxiety and more. While labels may help us access support, it’s important to also get to the root to empower ourselves with holistic tools.

Self-care is a personal journey with many ways to approach it – arts, movement, breath etc – and many layers to ourselves to consider. This is why I work with all of our layers (or Koshas) – physical (somato), emotional, social, intellectual, and energetic. On this journey, we develop greater self-awareness, compassion and empathy. We are also able to process and release patterns that are no longer serving us individually or collectively. In doing so we can be more present, more resilient, experience better health, and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. Sharing this gift fosters resilient children, who are connected to their intuition, honour their path, process challenges in a healthy way and can thrive! 

As a highly sensitive person, I feel fortunate to have been gifted these tools by my Mom when I was a child, and look forward to sharing my gifts with you. You are welcome to read more about me and my qualifications below.


Let’s Raise Resilient Children!

happy woman with a scarf


Nourishing practices to help you align with your Divine Essence, so you can also empower thriving, resilient children! Choose from our virtual mOm Retreat, or Yoga and Craniosacral + Somato-emotional Release sessions in North Vancouver, Canada. 

Mom and child practicing yoga on the beach at sunset


If you influence a child’s life, you know we need to nourish ourselves before we can lead by example. Learn tools to empower children through the gloWithin App or accessible Yoga Teacher Trainings offered virtually + locally in North Vancouver, Canada. 

My Philosophy


Each of our journeys, parenting philosophies, learning styles, and children are unique. Additionally, it can take time to find comfort in the body, particularly if trauma has been experienced. I take a trauma-sensitive and unique approach to empowering those I work with, to ensure I can truly support you on your journey. With nearly a lifetime practice of Meditation and Breathwork, being a Registered Expert + Children’s Yoga Instructor, and a Craniosacral + Somato-Emotional (body-emotion) Release Healer I  have deep knowledge of the nervous system. I also integrate other Embodiment practices, to offer you a variety of simple tools you can use and share with those you love! 


Learning to heal + grow requires introspection and helps to take a curious, compassionate approach. This ability to be kind to ourselves extends outwards and supports us in greater alignment with our Divine Essence. My role as your guide, is simply to hold space for and to empower you in living your vision!


We are hard-wired for connection! Co-regulating begins with our mother in utero, with the next 7 years contributing to a resilient child and person. Finding deeper connection within ourselves and our communities is essential to our wellbeing. An important part of this connection within is a healthy nervous system. Craniosacral for infants and children can greatly support this, by unpacking birth and other experiences before they become ‘stuck’ in the body. Believing in being stronger together, I work with complimentary practitioners who can further enrich your journey. 

Client experiences:

“I never experienced craniosacral therapy before. Katie creates a beautiful and nurturing space. Before the session, I felt really unclear about some big decisions I needed to take, and after the session, something really shifted. My whole body was lighter and grounded and my thoughts were organized. I got peace of mind. That evening I took that big decision from my heart, and since there everything has been flowing. I really appreciate Katie´s work and I loved the oils. I´d love to have another session soon!”

~ Leyre

“Katie delivers an amazing amount of care and healing energy into her practice. Katie’s calm nature really put me into a place of healing and relaxation. I was dealing with a mild concussion and I truly feel that my session with Katie helped put me on the path to healing and feeling more like myself. I highly recommend and value Katie’s practice.”

~ Alina

A bit about me

Raising resilient children

I believe in lifting each other up so we can be stronger together. As a life-long learner, my passions include being active in nature, spending time with my family and friends, the arts, and taking time to go within. Since I was a teen, my vision is to empower others to enjoy lives of peace, love, and joy… to gloWithin.

When I was a child, my very wise Mama taught me how to meditate and do breath-work, to help me sleep and ease the anxiety from family life. Each of us experiences challenges in life, and I truly believe if we have the tools, these challenges help us to grow into our true potential and serve others.

Mission: Resilient children

As a teen I recognized there were many of us women who wanted to be both mothers and fulfill our dreams beyond motherhood, and while we are lucky to be able to have all these opportunities, we must choose wisely where to devote our energy. The delicate balance of motherhood emphasizes this, and is what inspired me to open Studio 202 – a community yoga, arts + healing space in North Vancouver, Canada. In March 2020 I closed this space due to covid and was shortly after asked to support Canada’s First and Largest Not for Profit Yoga School as Executive Director through a period of restructuring. While I have been fortunate to have had many amazing opportunities in my career, I have learned to listen to my body and where my soul is guiding me, and so I returned to my passion and created gloWithin. 

The gift of breath and meditation my Mam gave me as a child continues to inspire my life work – in particular empowering parents, educators, and children. I have been coaching adults and children for over 20 years, and teaching yoga and creating yoga-based programs to support adults and children since 2012. If the child’s support system truly understands and can go within themselves, our future generation will also be able to do the same for greater peace, love, and joy! I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to support communities and individuals in this way. I’m an Expert Registered Yoga + Children’s Yoga Teacher, and Craniosacral + Somatoemotional (body-emotion) Release Healer… soon to be a Registered Clinical Counsellor! My approach is trauma-sensitive and to empower my clients with simple embodiment (in-body) tools so they can support themselves.

My expertise are in:

  • simple, powerful tools to nourish the nervous system so we can be present and resilient for ourselves and to guide our children
  • tools to release patterns on emotional, physical, intellectual + energetic levels (psychosomatics, Craniosacral + myofascial)
  • supporting those with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD and other concerns connected to being Highly Sensitive
  • practices you can share with your children to help them develop healthy physical, social + emotional skills

Thank you for taking this journey with me!


My Qualifications

My practices focus on grounding, connecting with our heart and intuition, to help us connect to our Inner Child and gloWithin. I have a passion for learning, particularly when it comes to the mind, body and emotions… or psychophysiology and the impact on our lives from utero to our later years. In addition to the below, I attend regular seminars to keep growing and am always happy to share ideas and books if you are interested too!

  • Bachelor in Business, UBC 

  • Certificate in Adult Learning – Workplace Learning, U Calgary

  • Craniosacral + Somataemotional Therapy Level 3, Visionary Healing

  • Expert Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with background in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Prenatal Kundalini, Chair Yoga, Trauma-Informed + more

  • Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Practitioner (YACEP)

  • BrainDance Instructor