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Baby + Me Yoga Teacher Training

Trauma-Sensitive Baby + Me Yoga Training

Are you interested in empowering parents during this special time of incredible transformation?

Join this empowering, progressive, trauma-informed Baby + Me Yoga Teacher Training! Yoga Alliance Certified (30h YACEP)

You do not need to be a yoga instructor to join, as it is accessible to all – doulas, moms, and others who wish to support new and new again parents and babes.

What is Baby + Me Yoga?

We explore various ways to offer support to new (and new again) parents, physically + emotionally, within our scope as yoga instructors. This is a very special time for parents and babies to bond, impacting their relationship and the child’s development. Many new parents will experience various challenges. Offering a supportive and empowering community allows parents to connect with each other, nurture themselves, and to be more fully present for their child(ren).

We will explore further support and resources, and gain a thorough understanding of post-natal anatomy and physiology with expert knowledge shared by Cheryl Leia – Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (B. Sc., P.T., MCPA).

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“Inspiration is defined as a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas. Therefore, this is what Katie was that for me! I am inspired to continue my practice.”


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We will explore:

  • Formats of Baby + Me or Mama + Baby yoga

  • Philosophy relevant to Baby + Me Yoga

  • Self-care tools

    • For you, the guide

    • For moms + new parents

    • For babes (with parent support)

    • Foot reflexology + baby massage

  • Anatomy + physiology

    • General review

    • Nervous System, including craniosacral nerves (Vagus nerve too)

    • Understanding trauma + pain:

      • Different types

      • Biological impact

      • And best practices 

    • Encouraging healthy development Utero – 1 year

    • Empowering holistic post-natal health

  • Ethics of teaching yoga

    • Our ethical responsibilities

    • A trauma-informed approach

  • Baby + Me Yoga class design

    • Creating atmosphere + community

    • Best practices

    • Class plan elements

  • Tools for leading Baby + Me Yoga

    • Various forms of yoga – Nidra, Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa/Flow, Yin + Restorative

    • Pranayama

    • Empowering + soothing meditation

    • Asana with modifications/ variations

    • Supporting babe

  • Class experience, small group practice + practicum

  • Creating your brand + business

  • Teaching opportunities

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Space is limited to ensure we have a supportive learning environment.

Questions? Please email me to set up a time to chat!