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Balancing the Chakras YTT

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

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Have you wanted to explore more tools and modalities you can use to balance the physical and subtle bodies?

Join us for this unique live zoom and self-paced Yoga Alliance certified Continuing Education Teacher Training (30h YACEP), to learn about trauma sensitive tools to connect with and nurture your nervous system from the perspective of craniosacral and the chakras, for greater resilience, health, peace, love + joy. 

Multi-Modalities for Healing and Balancing

In this course, we look at healing from physical, emotional, and energetic approach (the Koshas) and tools we can utilize to live to the fullest expression of ourselves, and who we came into this world to be.

Our craniosacral system is intertwined with our senses and nervous system, feeding our bodies information about our internal and external environments. Over our life time, much of this information becomes stored as ‘truth’ in order to help us function with greater ease on a daily basis. As children, we are deeply impacted by each of our learning experiences – this shapes our nervous system and future experiences. In this training we take a curious approach to our truths and our bodies, to find greater alignment, improved resilience, peace, love and joy!

We explore:

  • The Nervous + Craniosacral systems (Polyvagal Theory)

  • A deep understanding of trauma, including:

    • Different types

    • Biological impact

    • And best practices 

  • Subtle body anatomy – Koshas, Chakras, and Nadis (or meridians)

  • What each Chakra represents physically, emotionally, and energetically and tools to support greater balance, including:

    • Physical – Fascia and poses to allow for greater balance, the Craniosacral and nervous system, Ayurveda and other somatic-based tools

    • Emotional – Exploring the emotions connected to each Chakra and creative tools to help find greater balance

    • Energetic – Subtle body anatomy (Koshas, Nadis, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, mudras, reflexology, EFT (tapping) to name a few

  • Guest speakers to offer greater insight – Ayurvedic Nutritionist + Reflexologist

  • Weekly live discussion and yoga practice (yoga nidra, kundalini, hatha, vinyasa/flow, yin + restorative for deeply nurturing within)


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“Katie is so knowledgeable and kind. She is flexible and pushes us gently to help us grow in our practice. Loved her manual!”


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Space is limited to ensure we have a supportive learning environment.

Questions? Please email me to set up a time to chat!