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We are so happy you are prioritizing your health + wellbeing!

You know how important it is for us as women, moms, and for our children. 
Here are a few more recent stats just to emphasize that you have made the right decision to honour your glow!:


Since Covid, 41.5% of adults have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression (2021, CDC)

Prior to Covid, 1 in 11 youth were prescribed anxiety medication (2019, Child + Youth Mental Health Canada)

23% of moms report feelings associated with postpartum depression or anxiety (2019, Statistics Canada)

The rate of women with anxiety is double that of men!


Most of us moms are also the ones managing the challenges Covid has brought, to include staying home with little ones who have colds, which adds to the balancing act. We get it, and we are here to support you in creater greater alignment, peace, love and joy in your life. 


You deserve to gloWithin! 

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