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gloWithin app

Nurture your Soul


The free gloWithin App offers you tools to nourish your nervous system for greater health, peace and emotional resilience! These tools are offered in bite-sized portions so you can get offline to incorporate them into your life and share with your children.

You can dowload the gloWithin app on iOS or Android or find the webapp here!

While the app is for us big kids (adults), there are many tools that can be shared with children, to include age-appropriate meditations, breathwork, movement and other embodiment (in-body) practices. 

Courses on the gloWithin App

Courses counting towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education may be purchased here. Please click the respective links below for more details. You are also welcome to purchase the courses here (Canadian Dollars) and they will be opened for you. 

33 Day Self Care Journey

mOm Meditations

Daily Cards for Families

Enjoy this journey exploring the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and offering you a variety of tools to nourish your soul and share with little ones!


As a mom, sometimes all we can get is 5-10 minutes… and that’s ok. It’s better to have a small sustainable practice with multiple daily check-ins! Enjoy these little moments of peace. 

This is complimentary for those who have purchased gloWithin’s Cards for Families – a family oracle deck, filled with tools to empower healthy physical, emotional + social development for children from 3-8 years. Coming soon!

(Click here for advanced sale!)

gloWithin Family

Restful Sleep

Heal Your Nervous System

Learn age-appropriate tools to support your child(ren) develop healthy social, emotional + physical skills… and awaken your own Inner Child! Drawn from gloWithin’s 95h Registered Children’s Yoga Training. Coming June 21 (Yoga Day)!

(In-App purchase. 30 YACEP/ ECE hours)

Learn about the science behind our sleep (and when it’s compromised), and tools to improve your sleep + circadian rhythm including; Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep), calming yoga, mediation, sound healing, supporting your Vagus Nerve, routines + more!

(In-App purchase. 10 YACEP hours)

Learn about your nervous + craniosacral system (Polyvagal Theory), the biology of trauma or stuck experiences, and explore Craniosacral and Yoga-based tools to release these experiences for greater resilience, peace, love and joy. Coming Apr 7 (World Health Day)!

(In-App purchase. 20 YACEP hours)

Myofascial Meridians

Balancing the Chakras 

Align with Your Divine Essence

Learn about and explore the connection between our 12 fascial lines and meridians, how our experiences get stuck in our tissues + simple ways to release them for mind-body health and resilience. Drawn from Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release. Coming Apr 30!

(In-App purchase. 30 YACEP hours)

Learn physical, emotional + energetic tools to balance each chakra, including; exploring which of your chakras need more support and practical ways to do so. This training is drawn from our YACEP training. Coming Aug 22 (Rainbow Day)!

(In-App purchase. 35 YACEP hours)

Envision, release and align. This experience is about connecting with your Divine Essence, who you came into this world to be. Explore practices to sustain your transformation for greater peace, love and joy! Coming Fall 2022. 

(In-App purchase. 20 YACEP hours)

“Learning with Katie is always an opportunity for inquiry, introspection, and play!”

~ Soleil

“I just want to say thank you for your time and offerings that you poured into this course – your care and passion was felt! I am using the white light meditations often and incorporating movement, nutrition and quietness into my daily life.”

~ Alana