Children + Youth Yoga Teacher Training

Join us to empower children + youth for life!

Trauma-Sensitive Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training in Canada

After too much time online, we are beyond happy to offer our Level 1 Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings in-studios in North Vancouver, Port Moody, Kelowna, and Toronto with little ones actually joining parts of our classes! This gives you a real experience working with children, so you can be an even more inspiring teacher!

Trauma-Sensitive Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training in Canada

We explore tools for you to incorporate into your classes, and help nurture children from all backgrounds and experiences on and off the mat. We believe in order to support the child, we need to support the world of the child. Empowering educators and parents is a very important part of this work, as we can influence their nervous system baseline and how they perceive + interact with the world around them...for life! An important aspect of our training is looking at our patterns + beliefs, so we can show up as our best selves to lead by example. Together we bring you an empowering, inclusive, age appropriate approach to fostering healthy life skills in Kids Yoga classes, to include:


  • Fostering healthy relationships + boundaries
  • Connecting with our hearts + valuing intuitive wisdom
  • Valuing our strengths + those of others in collaboration + leadership
  • Encouraging self + emotional awareness + healthy age-appropriate tools to process
  • Nurturing resilience through self-care practices, especially for highly sensitive children

Why Join gloWithin's Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

Who is Kids Yoga Teacher Training For?Join us for a journey to connect with and nurture your Inner Child, to empower others. Whether you're a yoga teacher, parent, counsellor, or work with children in any other capacity, this uniquely progressive and accessible training will help you empower children from utero to 15 years with life-skills. You do not need your 200h. You are welcome to join if you are 16 years +.

Why do we exceed the 95h Kids Yoga Teacher Training requirement?Our Yoga Alliance Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Levels 1, 2 + 3) exceeds the 95 required hours for a 115h training, to provide you a full understanding of how to share your gifts in an age-appropriate ways. We dive deep into the nervous system, biology of trauma, trauma-sensitive approaches, child development + anatomy, Roots of Yoga + cultural appreciation and much more!

Who leads this Kids Yoga Teacher Training?Your Guides have over 2,500 combined hours taking and leading yoga teacher trainings (not to mention other trainings that have complemented our education) + over 5,000 hours working with children in professional capacities! You can read more about us below.

Is yoga beneficial for all children?Absolutely! Yoga is all about connection, and nurturing our gloWithin. We explore tools specific for various diverseabilities and highly sensitive children. Imagine if you learned yoga-based tools (breathwork, movement, meditation or mindfulness etc) as a child? How might that have supported you on your journey? Your Lead Trainer was fortunate enough to, and can attest to how important these skills are in staying connected to our light. Let's help empower future generations and release patterns for a brighter, healthier future!

What are highly sensitive children?We are seeing an increase in highly sensitive children struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD and other conditions that stem from imbalance in the nervous system for a variety of reasons. Being highly sensitive is a gift and strength, but can present challenges in our world. Learning the Yoga and Craniosacral (Polyvagal) tools we explore can help these and all children on their journey.

Why do we encourage parents + educators to join us?We believe in order to empower the child, we need to support the world of the child. Empowering educators and parents is a very important part of this work, as they spend the majority of the time with children and greatly impact their formative years. Ask Katie about more of her work on this and the nervous system. Additional assisting and teaching opportunities are also available, to support you on your journey in sharing yoga with children!

How is this training trauma-sensitive?Your Guides have extensive trauma-sensitive training and collaborate with Yoga Outreach (Canada's Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Organization), School Districts, and other organizations, to include this program being reviewed by Dawn, a Registered Social Worker.

Will I be able to find work after?Yes - Children's Yoga Teachers are in demand! You can start teaching after Level 1 if you already work with children or in an Assistant capacity. Children's Yoga Teachers earn between $40-100+/class

More technical questions? See our FAQ near the bottom of this page

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 is In-Studio with children joining us for class experiences! Level 2 + 3 are Live, Online.  You can take just Level 1, or all 3 Levels to apply with Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT). Please see FAQ for more. 

Level 1

(0-6 Years)

  • Benefits of Kids Yoga + formats
  • Yoga philosophy + self care 
  • The nervous system
  • Child development (0-6y)
  • Ethics of yoga with children
  • Trauma-informed awareness
  • You as a teacher
  • Best practices (0-6y)
  • Leading a class (0-6y)
  • Yoga beyond the mat (0-6y)
  • Practicum

Level 2

(7-9 Years)

  • More self-care practices
  • Vedic Story + Roots of Yoga
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Biology of trauma + prevention
  • Trauma-informed practices
  • Child development (7-9y)
  • Youth anatomy + physiology
  • Best practices (7-9y)
  • Cueing
  • Leading a class (7-9y)
  • Yoga beyoned the mat (7-9y)
  • Practicum

Level 3

(10-15 Years)

  • More philosophy + self care 
  • Fascia + craniosacral systems
  • Cueing, sequencing + flows
  • Youth development (10-15y)
  • Leading a class (10-15y)
  • Yoga + diversabilities
  • Yoga beyond the mat (10-15y)
  • Your brand + business
  • Practicum
  • Teaching opportunities

Your Guides

We believe we learn + grow together, and when we can take this approach with the youth, amazing growth occurs! These children know why they are here, we are simply helping them to stay connected  with their intuitive wisdom.

Katie, Lead

Katie (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher - ERYT, Registered Children's Yoga Teacher - RCYT, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider - YACEP), has coached children for over 20 years, has been teaching yoga to children and adults since 2012. She also holds her Bachelors in Business, Certificate in Adult Learning, and is exctited to be taking her Masters in Counselling soon! She is a mama of two young girls, and offers Craniosacral + Somato-emotional Release Therapy for infants to adults. Her unique understanding of the emotions, the body, and the nervous system helps her empower her students. She learned meditation, breath-work and the power of Somatoemotional Release (not calling it that!) as a child, which has inspired her life work!

Dawn, Co-Lead

Dawn, is a Registered Social Worker with experience teaching at the post-secondary level. She became a yoga instructor in early 2019 to combine her SW skills with mind-body-emotion tools to support children in their mental health. Dawn believes it is our vulnerability that connects us as humans, making her classes suitable for all levels, including anyone who has never done yoga before. Dawn’s classes are grounded in the principle of ahimsa (non violence) towards ourselves, and towards our outside world. In 2020, Dawn followed her passion further and started RVN Wellness, a yoga + counselling studio in Port Moody, BC.

Anoo, Roots of Yoga

Anoo comes from a family and culture immersed in yoga's physical and philosophical aspects and has been practicing yoga in one form or another since childhood. She deepened her practice after having children and formalized her years of study with a certification in adult yoga (RYT 200) and specialty certification in children's yoga (RCYT). She has taught hundreds of children's classes (toddler to teens) and continues her study of yoga through a variety of workshops, courses and trainings.

"Children are natural yogis! I'm humbled to walk beside them as they discover the world around them and their inner selves. I also get to do some of my favourite things when I work with kids - crafts, reading, and exploring!"

Upcoming Kids Yoga Teacher Training Dates

Space is limited to ensure we have a supportive learning environment.

See pricing + Earlybirds for each location. Payment plans + scholarships available. 

Manuals included for each level.

Level 1 Trainings

RVNWellness, St. John’s St


Sundays July 10, 17, 24 


Kuddles, Mountain Hwy


Sat-Mon, July 16-18 


Toronto Yoga Co.


Sat-Mon, Jul 30-Aug 1 




Sat + Sun, Sept 17 + 18


Level 2

Saturdays, Sept 24-Oct 22

(830a-100p PST)


Level 3

Saturdays, Oct 29-Dec 3

(830a-100p PST)



Please complete the form below to arrange a chat with us or if you are applying for a scholarship. Payment available. 

Scholarships are needs + merit based - see FAQ below for more details. Please outline (1) why you need a scholarship, (2) the tier you are requesting, (3) a bit about you, (4) how taking this training will contribute to your growth, (5) how you will contribute to others, and (6) how you would like to complete your exchange hours. Please note, payment plans are available regardless of scholarship or not. Once the training has the minimum number of students needed (for our financial viability), we then circle back around to accept scholarship applications. Please also send a letter from a mentor or employer as to why you should receive a scholarship.
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“Incredible kids yoga teacher training. Very interactive, engaging, and informative. It can be tough to take trainings online but Katie made it easy! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to join you in your kids yoga teacher training!”


Having the freedom to explore my own inner child and tap into the purity of mind that exists at a young age was such a privilege. Learning with Katie is always an opportunity for inquiry, introspection, and play!


Frequently asked questions

What certification do I get?Upon completion of all 3 levels, you can apply with Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT). You will also need your 200h and 30h of practical experience, which we can support you with.

Can I teach before I finish all 3 levels?Absolutely! So long as you meet your local legal requirements (Criminal Record Check), we are happy to assist you in finding assisting and teaching opportunities to help you further develop your skills.

Do I need previous Yoga Teacher Training?No you do not, but if you would like to eventually register as an RCYT with Yoga Alliance, you will need it. You can take this training first, or your 200h first. This training is accessible to those who do not have their 200h, but you do need your 200h (can take after) to apply to become a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

How is this training taught?During COVID, Yoga Alliance, has permitted trainings to be online. We feel it’s best to have these trainings live in order to fully support you and to learn from each other as a group. Our preference is for as much in-person interaction as possible, and with real students in order to get the most real experience possible so you are ready!

Do you offer payment plans?Of course! Please email to arrange an interest-free payment plan.

What scholarships do you offer?We offer 3 tiers of scholarships for our full 3 Level training (named after Star Children :), in exchange for your support in an area we mutually agree upon (admin, photography etc) - this can be a strength that you have and would like to contribute to gloWithin. Scholarships are need + merit based, and given on a first-come basis. Please complete the application form above if you are applying for a scholarship and we will be in touch!

1) Crystal - $1797 in exchange for 20h 

2) Indigo - $1497 in exchange for 30h 

3) Rainbow - $1197 in exchange for 40h

What happens after my training?It’s up to you, but we are here to support all of our teachers through our Facebook group and email. You are welcome to begin assisting or teaching classes at your comfort level. After completing all 3 levels, you will be well equipped to do so and have our continued support.

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