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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Trauma-Sensitive Children’s Yoga Teacher Training – Vancouver and Online

Join us for a journey to connect with and nurture your Inner Child, to empower others. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, parent, or work with children in any other capacity, this is an amazingly unique, progressive and accessible training to bring a greater understanding to the development of children from utero to 15 years. This Yoga Alliance Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Levels 1, 2 + 3) exceeds the 95 required hours, to provide you a full understanding of how to share your skills in an age-appropriate way with ages 0-15. Yoga is all about connection, and nurturing the inner-child, our inner light. Being able to offer these tools to children empowers them for the journey ahead!

Your Lead Trainer, Katie, has coached children for over 20 years, has been teaching yoga to children and adults since 2012, and offers craniosacral + somatoemotional release – offering a unique + empowering approach to yoga for children. She learned to meditate and do breath-work as a child, which has inspired her life work. With this experience, Katie brings an empowering, inclusive, age appropriate approach to fostering healthy life skills in Kids Yoga classes, to include; 

  • Boundaries and body autonomy

  • Understanding our values + those of others

  • Appreciation for our strengths to build confidence

  • Emotional resilience, self-care + creating healthy relationships

  • Self-awareness + expression

  • Communication + leadership skills

  • Collaboration + cultural appreciation

We explore tools for you to incorporate these and other topics into your class, and help nurture this in children from all backgrounds and experiences on and off the mat. Katie believes in order to support the child, we need to support the world of the child. Empowering educators and parents is a very important part of this work. Additional assisting and teaching opportunities are also available, to support you on your journey in teaching yoga to children!


Level 1

(0-6 Years)

  • The benefits of Kids Yoga + various formats

  • Yoga philosophy + self care for you

  • Anatomy + Physiology

    • The nervous system

    • Child development from utero – 6 years

  • Ethics when teaching Children’s Yoga 

  • Trauma-informed awareness

  • Leading a Class for 0-6 years

    • Learning about yourself as a teacher

    • Best practices

    • Class plan

  • Yoga beyond the mat

  • Practicum

kids yoga class

Level 2

(7-9 Years)

  • More yoga philosophy + self care practices, including Vedic stories 

  • Deep look at Trauma-Informed practices

  • Anatomy + Physiology

    • All systems of the body

    • Child development 7-9 years

  • Ethics review

  • Leading classes for 7-9 years 

    • Age appropriate best practices

    • Cueing

    • Class plan

  • Yoga beyond the mat

  • Practicum

woman practicing yoga on a mountian top

Level 3

(10-15 Years)

  • More yoga philosophy + self care practices

  • Anatomy + Physiology:

    • Youth development 10-15 years

    • Exploring fascia + the craniosacral system

  • Ethics review

  • Leading a Tween + Teen Yoga classes

    • Cueing, sequencing + flows

    • Class plan

  • Yoga beyond the mat

  • Empowering neuro-diverse + those with additional needs through yoga practices

  • Creating Your Brand + Business

  • Practicums, teaching + assisting opportunities

“Having the freedom to explore my own inner child and tap into the purity of mind that exists at a young age was such a privilege. Learning with Katie is always an opportunity for inquiry, introspection, and play!”


Kids Yoga Teacher Training

“Incredible kids yoga teacher training. Very interactive, engaging, and informative. It can be tough to take trainings online but Katie made it easy! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to join you in your kids yoga teacher training!”



What certification do I get?

Upon completion of all 3 levels, you can apply with Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT). You will also need your 200h and 30h of practical experience, which we can support you with.

Can I teach before I finish all 3 levels?

Absolutely! So long as you meet your local legal requirements (Criminal Record Check), we are happy to assist you in finding assisting and teaching opportunities to help you further develop your skills.

Do I need my 200h?

No you do not, but if you would like to eventually register as an RCYT with Yoga Alliance, you will need it. You can take this training first, or your 200h first. This training is accessible to those who do not have their 200h.

How is this taught?

During COVID, Yoga Alliance, has permitted trainings to be online. We feel it’s best to have these trainings live in order to fully support you and to learn from each other as a group. Our preference is for as much in-person interaction as possible, and with real students in order to get the most real experience possible so you are ready!

What makes this training unique?

So many aspects, but to name a few… We offer a truly trauma-sensitive approach, woven throughout the training, drawing upon Katie’s Craniosacral knowledge, and a deep look at the biology of trauma. We examine Vedic story and the roots of yoga, encouraging exploration of all cultures for greater empathy and stronger communities. We explore yoga beyond the mat and diversity of abilities and backgrounds, making it a very practical experience so students can draw upon resources in their daily lives for greater emotional resilience and joy!

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! Please email to arrange an interest-free payment plan.

What happens after my training?

It’s up to you, but we are here to support all of our teachers through our Facebook group and email. You are welcome to begin assisting or teaching classes at your comfort level. After completing all 3 levels, you will be well equipped to do so and have our continued support.

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Space is limited to ensure we have a supportive learning environment.

Questions? Please email me to set up a time to chat!