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Nurture Your gloWithin!

Do any of the following resonate with you? 

You often feel tired 
You feel pulled in a million directions
You have been trying to create more ‘me time’ for a while
You’re sensitive to others needs and the environment around you
Your children experience anxiety or sleep issues

You’re in the right place! 

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As parents, we have an incredible power to create and nurture life, to influence another’s nervous system and how they interact with the world around them. 


It’s a big undertaking! 


We will make mistakes, but how we handle the challenges greatly influences how we and our little one’s grow. 

Did you know….
1 in 11 youth being prescribed anxiety medication (2019 Child + Youth Mental Health Canada) and 19% of adults are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (2017, USA). The rate of women with anxiety is double that of men!


Even if no one in your family struggles with anxiety, mental or chronic health concerns, 

many of our nervous systems are not being nourished as they need to be for our optimal health, resilience, and the ability to thrive.
 I’m sure like me, you also value your health and want the best for your family…
We need to lead by example and empower our children and others to take care of themselves. 
When we do this work, we not only help ourselves to experience greater peace, love, and joy… 
we also help to release generational patterns so we can all gloWithin!



Join me! 

Empower yourself with embodiment (in-body) tools that nurture your nervous system and can be shared with children! 





Get your complimentary 7 Days to Embodiment Journal

…and join me for weekly Facebook Lives on topics that are meaningful to you!


   You will:

    1. Learn 10 reasons embodiment practices are so important for you

    2. Discover how embodied you are now + the shift YOU can make for yourself

    3. Explore current, science-based + ancient, intuitive embodiment methods

    4. Learn more about your nervous + craniosacral system 

    5. Discover simple tools to improve your circadian rhythm + sleep

    6. Explore simple tools that you can also share with children to ease anxiety + process big emotions

    7. Learn simple bio-hacks for greater inner-peace, joy, love + resilience!


       … and much more!


Nurture your gloWithin!

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I feel so fortunate to have been taught breathwork and meditation by my mother as a child, which as you can probably see, inspired my life mission! I know how much these and other embodiment tools have helped me over the years, which is why I feel it’s so important to share these practices with those who empower children – parents, teachers, nannies, social workers…

When we practice embodiment tools, we can be more present for ourselves and our family and friends, so we can enjoy the moments, and be more aligned with our mission and intuition. We are also able to release patterns no longer serving us and create new healthy ones… which has a powerful impact for us, our families, and the collective!

As parents, we know how essential it is to be present to be able to fully enjoy all the special moments and handle challenges, empowering little ones in a healthy way. 

I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years to all ages, am a Registered Expert + Children’s Yoga Teacher, with my own Yoga Alliance Registered School, and practice Craniosacral Healing + Somato-Emotional (body-emotion) Release. I am a nervous system nerd and passionate about empowering others with simple embodiment tools, for greater peace, joy, love, balance and resilience! 

I am so honoured to have you join me on this journey to nurture your gloWithin!

💖 Katie

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