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Yoga North Vancouver

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s what we learn on the way down.”

~ Jigor

Yoga and meditation are opportunities for us to go within and re-connect with our true-selves, our soul, our inner child.  We use these tools to go beyond our physical selves, helping us to unearth what our bodies and souls already know. Yoga is for everybody, each and everyone of us, at every age. I look forward to sharing this healing practice with you.

I offer Yoga class in North Vancouver (Asana – Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, Nidra), Meditation and Breathwork (Pranayama) classes for all ages in North Vancouver. My style is based on nourishing the nervous and thereby the immune system for resilience, peace, and balance. I draw in various modalities, including; somatic-practices, Craniosacral and fascial work, Feldenkrais and more. I also teach yoga for kids and tweens at schools and studios, including Birthday parties, and creating programs for school communities.  You can read more about my  background here. For more information, please email me.

The practice of Yoga is comprised of 8 Limbs, to support us on our path to enlightenment or Samadhi (bliss). The first two are Yamas and Niyamas (restraints and observations). The third is Asana, or the physical practice of yoga we know in the west. Asana takes many forms, including; Kundalini, Yang (Hatha, Vinyasa or Flow, Iyengar etc), Yin styles (Yin, Restorative, Nidra), and others falling somewhere in between. Pranayama or Breathwork is the fourth limb – a powerful tool to free the body and mind. Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (focused or seeded) and Dhyana (inspired or unseeded) are forms of meditation. Mindfulness falls under Dharana, as we are focusing on sensations externally and internally. Ultimately through the combination of these practices, we hope to find Samadhi, and for this state to endure. 

The beauty of the various limbs is that we can practice the form that speaks to us at that time – this is a very personal journey. 

Couples yoga

Private sessions are very helpful for couples trying to conceive, after the birth of a child, or looking to find a peaceful escape together! After a Craniosacral session to release emotional and physical holding in the body, working as a couple to maintain a low stress and communicative relationship deepens intimacy. As a result, conception often becomes easier. Taking time to honour each other and build a stronger connection, ultimately strengthens communication and the bond for greater joy and ease.

Kids yoga in North Vancouver

Yoga and related tools for children and tweens is an essential life-skill, especially for the highly-sensitive child. We having being living hectic, over-stimulated lives with much expected of us, often not getting the time to go within to nurture our well-being… or not knowing how to. Sometimes we don’t even stop until life forces us to, often showing up as chronic anxiety/ depression (our system is in shut-down mode), or other auto-immune conditions. 

By taking time and having the support to learn to go within, we gain a greater sense of self, self-awareness, understanding of our emotions, and are better able to express ourselves. We develop a greater sense of confidence, have tools to build our reserves for a healthy nervous-system, and build our resilience. As a result, we become strong, healthy, happy individuals. Offering these tools to children through yoga enables them to be able to support their own holistic well-being. Click here to learn more. If you are a parent looking for tools, I would also recommend downloading the free gloWithin app.

Private yoga in North Vancouver

Private yoga classes are perfect to deepen your practice or find support with personal questions and concerns. Katie has over eight years of experience working with clients of all ages, incorporating different styles of yoga in different styles of yoga and Craniosacral techniques to help find ease and health in the body and mind. Katie has a background in Prenatal, Postnatal, Kids, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama (breathwork). She has worked with clients concerned with osteoporosis, arthritis, recovering from whiplash and other physical concerns.

Each of us is unique and the physical aspect of this (skeletal variation, trauma or injuries to the physical or emotional body etc) will require a unique approach for the greatest benefit.  Drawing upon her intuitive and experiential knowledge of the body, Katie can support your needs. This can also include offering a combined yoga and Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release session, to address subtleties in the body, then offer you tools so you can support yourself. If she is not able to support you, she is more than happy to connect you with other practitioners.

“Katie, ensures everyone is welcome and is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your wellness goals. I’ve attended a few of Katie’s classes and always look forward to my next one.” 

~ Farid

Book a session

  • Private with home plan: 60m                       $110

  • Private Yoga + Cranio: 90m                          $150

  • 5 Privates: 60m each                                     $399

  • 10 Privates: 60m each                                   $699

Katie also offers semi-private or family packages. Pricing does not include GST. To Book sessions, please email Katie.