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Yoga for School Communities

Benefits of yoga for school communities

Yoga and related embodiment (in-body) tools for children and tweens is an essential life-skill, especially for the highly-sensitive child. We having being living hectic, over-stimulated lives with much expected of us, often not getting the time to go within to nurture our well-being… or not knowing how to. Sometimes we don’t even stop until life forces us to, often showing up as chronic anxiety/ depression (our system is in shut-down mode), or other auto-immune conditions. In 2019 Statistics Canada reported 1 in 11 youth were prescribed anxiety medications – which has likely risen since Covid.

By taking time and having the support to learn to go within, we gain a greater sense of self, self-awareness, understanding of our emotions, and are better able to express ourselves. We develop a greater sense of confidence, have tools to build our reserves for a healthy nervous-system, and build our resilience. As a result, we become strong, healthy, happy individuals. Offering these tools to children through yoga enables them to be able to support their own holistic well-being.            

  • improved focus + sleep

  • healthy relationships + boundaries

  • greater sense of self + self-awareness

  • understanding of emotions + ability to articulate

  • improved nervous + immune system health

  • greater resilience + learn to create healthy habits 

  • greater flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength + pro-prioception

  • greater sense of peace + joy! 

For more information on my philosophy + credentials, please visit About Katie.

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Yoga in schools

I have been offering yoga for children and tweens since 2012, and has been working with other qualified Kids Yoga Instructors to offer programs in schools on the Northshore. Our offerings are designed to support children and tweens holistically, through; movement, mindfulness + meditation, breathwork, and intero-spective activities + games. 

Yoga for Tweens is close to my heart, as I love supporting youth during this transitional time. We explore healthy coping tools, positive body image, healthy relationship, self-awareness, self-care, and more.

Children are naturally drawn to the simple practices of yoga and mindfulness, and these tools become foundations for healthy coping skills for the rest of their lives. Watching children bring these practices into their daily lives and share it with their families brings me such joy!

If your school is interested in hosting yoga for your children, please email Katie. 

“I am really inspired by the passion and dedication Katie has to bringing the art of mindfulness to children through Yoga. Children’s experiences has long been overlooked and they have been expected to simply figure themselves out as they navigate their bodies and environments. Seeing others as passionate about it as I am gives me hope and encourages me to go further and deeper into the teaching.”

~ Elizabeth

“ I never expected to find you and your skill set yet it happened so easily and perfectly – I’m so grateful. Everything you’ve taught myself and my teachers is exactly what I wanted to accomplish with our curriculum and philosophy. It’s such a perfect fit! You led the class so well, you understood the energies that were brought into the class and helped us to understand them as well which is exactly what we’ll be doing on a daily basis with the children. The class was clear and simple which has allowed my teachers to understand and implement their new knowledge into their daily work with the children. We’ve been meeting with parents and children for transitions and hearing the teachers speak to the parents about the yoga and meditation curriculum you can see their pride is evident. Together we are excited to begin implementing our knowledge with the children and over time watch the impact it has on their lives.”

~ Ashley, Owner of Paragon Kids Childcare


Yoga for Educators

With so many demands on educators, building in time for self-care is essential. We explore these and simple tools you can share with your students, to foster a healthy and engaged classroom. You are welcome to join:

  • Yoga for ECE’s: Join us for a 2 level (2 x 20h) online self-paced and live zoom training to deepen your understanding of yoga, self-care practices, and how to share these tools on and off the mat with children up to 9 years. These trainings may count towards ECE Professional Development (evaluated in BC case by case).

  • Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training: Join me for Level 1 to gain the basics, or all 3 Levels to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, for a comprehensive + progressive approach to empowering yourself, children + youth with yoga-based tools. This training is certified through Yoga Alliance.

family yoga

Yoga for Parents

Parenting is a balancing act! Join us to explore self-care tools that you can also share with your child(ren). You are welcome to join Yoga for ECE’s (covering yoga from utero – 9years), the full (95h) Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, mOm Retreat, or gloWithin Family (app).

We can also create a custom program based on your school community’s needs, including a shorter training hosted by the PAC – please email

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Yoga for Students

We offer after-school and in-school programming (previously offered with Studio 202) on the North Shore. Please feel free to email to learn more about how we can support your school community.